Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wish You Could Come Along/Culebra FAIL

Our friends Jesse and Holly arrived in Puerto Rico almost two weeks ago and were supposed to both head back to LA on Monday.  Unfortunately, work obligations made it impossible for Holly to change her ticket but without any arm twisting,  Jesse decided to stay on another five days.  It's been so great! We've had a ton of fun and are going to put the crown jewel on the trip by heading out to a spot Tommy and I have yet to go to ourselves, the gorgeous CULEBRA island.

Culebra is one of the small islands off of Fajardo (Southeast of San Juan) that boasts one of the world's most beautiful beaches, Flamenco Beach.  There is world class snorkeling, white sand beaches (my favorite), crystal clear turquoise waters and some of Puerto Rico's most untouched land.  Tommy and I have been dying to go and are excited to share the experience with Jesse. We will leave our place in Rincon this morning around 12 or 1am as we have to catch the ferry at 4am.  This is the cargo ferry which is much easier to score a ticket on unlike the regular ferry which leaves around 9am and is very often sold out.  Here are a few preview photos. Prepare to get jealous...

Flamenco Beach

look at that water!

I hope to meet this guy
I don't hope to meet this guy, but I'd like to see him

I'm sure we'll have many more great shots after tomorrow.  We'll be spending the night camping on the beach.  S'mores anyone?
Mmmmmmmm, S'mores........
Oh boy, that was an epic FAIL if ever there was one!  We left the house a little later than expected---12:30am as opposed to what should have been 12am but were optimistic considering Jesse zoomed across the island in record time.  He made it from Rincon to Fajardo in about two hours and thirty mins.  If you lived here, you'd know that that is INSANE.  Once we arrived to the Ferry station at Fajardo, it started to pour.  Tommy and I forgot to bring rain gear so I fashioned a poncho out of a plastic trash bag.  It still wasn't enough to keep the torrential downpour from soaking any exposed clothing so I was uncomfortably damp.  We stood in the confusing line and then, with only about 5 people in front of us, they declared the 4am ferry full.  So aggravatingly close!  The next ferry wasn't going to leave until 9---about 5 hours later.  I volunteered to hold our spot on line, popped in my earplugs and fell asleep on the concrete.  About an hour an a half after that, we decided it may just be too risky to try getting Jesse back in time for his flight the next day so we abandoned the endeavor with heavy hearts.  We ended up hanging out in San Juan for the day but only settled on a spot after a little bit of mindless meandering---it was only about 6am after all and we were all super brain dead.  The story doesn't end so tragically, as Jesse booked a hotel room and we got some good rest and showers with nice water pressure (a luxury I haven't enjoyed since I have been on this island).  We were up early the next morning, got in some snorkeling and then dropped Jesse off for his flight to LAX.  We miss you already, Buddy!  

Here is what we learned
When planning a trip to Culebra you MUST:
1. get to the Ferry station TWO hours ahead
2. bring rain gear
3. have some flexibility on when you plan on returning, nothing is guaranteed
4. be prepared to deal with a very poorly run system
5. try to bring as little as possible, they will charge you for extra bags.

Culebra has eluded us once again, but mark my words, we will enjoy you one day!!!!

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