Saturday, July 20, 2013

Me Encanta

When living somewhere where the language spoken is not primarily your own, you have to translate.  Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the experience of translation, especially when you are translating a "romance language", is learning that which cannot be translated.  When you switch over the meaning from one language to another, there isn't always a way to say it with the same feeling.  The literal translation of "me encanta" from Spanish to English is "I love", but it's really more poetic than that.  I always think of the word, "enchanting" and when you put "me" in front of a word in Spanish you are describing something that is effecting you or being done to you.  People in Puerto Rico love to use the phrase "me encanta" when describing something they enjoy or are enamored with.  I never really heard this phrase much within the Mexican Spanish I am more used to hearing in California.  It always conjures up an image in my head of a beautiful spell falling over one's being.  Puerto Ricans also love to say "es de....." which is kind of like their version of "ummm....".  That last one always cracks me up for some reason.

So we are settling into life in Rincon and well, me encanta. :)
I feel a sense of belonging here that I didn't feel in Hatillo or Old San Juan and I'm so relieved.  There is a big health movement making waves here.  I guess it's only been in the last year or so that the Yoga/Health community has really taken the reins from the more party-rific folks.  As we continue to try to find our business path, it's becoming quite clear that we may fit in best providing cuisine for the local villas who host Yoga retreats and other vacation getaways.  As opposed to opening a restaurant, we are moving towards just transferring Tommy's Private Chef business, Quality Thyme to the island.  We'll likely have to supplement our income beyond the Chef/Catering services but that's pretty standard here and we're thinking we'll likely try to sell some prepared foods at the local Farmer's Markets. The FM's here aren't nearly as big as the one's we are used to out in CA, but the health conscious folks are certainly hungry for what they offer.  We've already met a handful of Yoga teachers and Villa owners who are looking for exactly the type of services we are used to providing and if we go this pathway, we'll be able to make our own schedule and have full control over every aspect of our business without a huge start-up cost.  I just love the idea of providing healthy food for people on a case-by-case basis.

I'm super anxious to get working and feel like things are finally unfolding---it's been a huge undertaking transitioning to this new life--BUT it's happening.  Rincon is special and meeting so many like-minded individuals has been food for my soul.  It's country out here and yoga pants are becoming a bit of a uniform but you know, it's starting to feel like home.  And well, that feels unbelievably good.

Here are a few pics of our neighborhood.  Looking forward to a full moon beach bonfire tomorrow, which I'm sure will yield more great photos.  Love to you all y gracias para leyendo, Juni
Tommy enjoying a  beer at La Copa Llena

One of the most amazing snorkeling beaches, Steps

Sunset at Villa Cofresi

One of the local Yoga studios, La Paz

a neighbor's cool tree with interesting white leaves

Got Green?

large pods on the ground 

the pods come from these trees with the red flowers

close up of the red flowers

Hummingbird Paradise

We cannot figure out what these large round fruits are...literally the size of bowling balls!

My favorite coffee shop :)


  1. Juni, have you ever investigated making specialty mustard? Easiest thing the the world to make -- small batches, small jars -- very high profit margin if you package it to appeal to high-end foodies. For our 4th of July party this year I made 11 different kinds and people got to choose one to take home. PM me on Facebook if you want more info, but really, Google will have all the info you need. Just one suggestion for a super easy food related sideline that could eventually bring you at least local fame, if not actual fortune :-)

    Really glad to know you two are settling in so well to your new community. I wish I had a crystal ball to see what a year from now will feel like for you there :-)

  2. Juni,

    What a wonderful blog. I'm going to be a regular. You have certainly done a great job searching out the best things in Rincon, and I'm sure you and your honey will add your personal sparkle to the wonderful town of Rincon. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. I'm also looking forward to seeing your business unfold!

    Best of luck. You are a very special person. So glad I met you!


  3. Oh, and those big green things on the trees? Might they be breadfruit?