Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cultural Observations-Part II Flowers in Hatillo

A short post today, just wanted to share some of the pretty flowers that grow around the neighborhood in Hatillo.  We'll be moved into Old San Juan before the week is over, so I'm trying to enjoy the calm charm of this family oriented neighborhood. I didn't research the names of the plants and such but hope you'll enjoy nonetheless.  For me, seeing what grows in other lands always helps me imagine the feel.  So I hope you can feel the sun, tropical breeze and sweet air that is Puerto Rico.

I see these red flowers growing on trees with deep green leaves EVERYWHERE.  They are the first flower I noticed when we got here as they grow heavily on the foliage that surrounds the highways.  
These pretty ladies grow on many of the trees in Hatillo.  
Tommy made me a little "Baby Bouquet" of the white variation with some red Pom Pom type blossoms this morning.  He's been doing this cute little thing for years.  He'll gather neighborhood wild flowers and tie them together with stems.  It's about the size of a bouquet you'd give to a Guinea Pig.   What can I say, I've always liked "the little things". I'd take a "Baby Bouquet" over a dozen long stem roses any day!
Not sure if they are the same as the purple flowers I posted above (those grow on trees and these grow on the ground), but I love these whimsical lavender blossoms that line the walking path near the beach.  This picture really captures the color of the ocean waters around this part of the island--so blue/green!  We have Atlantic and Caribbean oceans in Puerto Rico so you have the blue waters like this as well as the more turquoise waters and white sand depending on which area you are in.  Both types are very clean and clear!

Who doesn't love the gorgeousness that is the Hibiscus?  When I see these flowers I think of Red Zinger tea and lush green land.  What woman's beauty isn't enhanced by tucking one of these behind her ear?  High in Vitamin C and full of flavor, these flowers are heavily used in teas and create a "punch like" flavor.  Ever had Passion iced tea from Starbucks?  That's a Hibiscus tea blend. 

I'll update with flowers of San Juan when we get there!  
Thanks for reading.

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